Diary of a blepharoplasty patient

Ever wondered what it’s like to have eyelid surgery? This patient documents her blepharoplasty and ptosis repair with oculoplastic surgeon Dr Benjamin Burt.

Small and hooded eyes are part of my genetics. It wasn’t until my early 40s that I noticed my eyelids drooped and the increase of excess skin simply became a way of life. I would find myself continually raising my eyebrows when speaking to people, and when tired I would see from my peripheral vision the sag of skin. I had regular injectables to help raise the brow and open my eyes. My eyes felt unsupported, almost like something had collapsed. I put it down to the ‘ageing process’.

It wasn’t until I arranged a long overdue eye test with my optometrist that I realised my concerns were justified. After my consultation, she recommended that I see an oculoplastic surgeon for an opinion and provided a referral.

After significant research, I met with Dr Benjamin Burt, a prominent and highly respected oculoplastic surgeon located in Melbourne. Dr Burt ticked all the boxes. He is known for his work, is an expert in his field and a highly sought-after oculoplastic surgeon.

It was important that I chose a surgeon who saw the ‘person’, not the procedure. When meeting him and his team, he explained clearly what needed to be done, discussed the recovery process and illustrated how I my eyes would look after the procedure. He requested photos prior to my 40s to use as a comparison and so he could identify my features. I instantly felt assured and comfortable and soon after I scheduled in the surgery date.


I arrive at Windsor Private Hospital and am greeted by the team. I then meet with my anaesthetist who discusses my health and details with full transparency of what I should expect. I change into my hospital gown and am provided with compression stockings to wear. I’m taken in the pre-procedure room where I’m placed on a pre-heated hospital bed.

Shortly after, Dr Burt meets with me. We go over the procedure, any concerns I have, and he draws an outline on the areas where he will perform surgery. I feel comfortable, assured and grateful that I am in incredible hands.


I awake in recovery feeling comfortable. No pain, no discomfort. Prior to leaving the hospital, I meet with a nurse who provides me with a post-op homecare kit and discusses what to expect.

The homecare kit includes:

  • Detailed information and instruction on post-operative care
  • Chlorsig Eye Ointment 1% to apply on stiches twice daily. This promotes healing and helpsevade infection.
  • TheraPearl Eye-seential Mask – contains flexible gel beads that conform to your face. It is stored in the freezer and helps to soothe and reduce swelling.
  • Brauer Arnicaeze Arnica Tablets to promote bruise healing.
  • A beautiful candle, chocolate and chamomile tea to enjoy.

The remainder of the night I have slight irritation but zero pain. I place the icepack as instructed and sleep elevated to assist with swelling.

directly post op


There is increased swelling and localised weeping but I feel zero pain and zero discomfort. I’m able to function day to day normally and resume work.

Dr Burt’s office contacts me for post-operative follow-up. I follow the post-operative instructions.

day 1


Some swelling, bruising and redness as expected, but no discomfort and no need for any pain medication.

Today I shower for the first time. I don’t wash my face but allow water to run down it. I keep following the post-operative instructions.

第 2 天
day 2


Swelling is reduced slightly but redness and bruising are present. Again, no pain or discomfort and no need for any pain medication.

My eyelids start to feel a little itchy due to healing. I liken it to hay fever symptoms; it’s tolerable. Followed post-operative instructions.

第 3 天
day 3


The swelling has reduced and I can open my eyes more. Redness and bruising are present but still no pain or discomfort and no need for any pain medication.

My eyelids feel tight and itchy, but it’s tolerable. Followed post-operative instructions.

第 4 天
day 4


Swelling has reduced further; redness, bruising and itchiness still present. Followed post- operative instructions.

第 5 天
day 5


Today my stitches are removed, which I’m excited about.

Swelling, redness and bruising are subsiding and still no pain or discomfort.

day 8
day 8

I’m given Blackmores Natural Vitamin E cream and advised to gently massage the scar tissue on my eyelids twice daily. I’m told that lumps of scar tissue will be felt but will resolve with time and massage. I keep following my post-operative instructions.


Swelling is continuing to reduce and redness and bruising are subsiding significantly. Still no pain or discomfort. I follow the post-operative instructions and use the Vitamin E cream.

day 9
day 9


At this point, I notice the healing progress is a slower process and I’m not seeing significant daily changes. Still zero pain and zero discomfort. I follow my post-operative instructions and use the Vitamin E cream.

day 11
day 11


My eyes are starting to take shape and look ‘normal’. I keep following my post-op instructions.

day 12
day 12


I still have slight swelling. It’s not noticeable, but I can feel it. The base of my eyelids feels numb, which is normal and will get better over time.

I apply makeup for the first time. I opt for mineral makeup (Aspect Minerals) and tubed mascara.

one month post blepahroplasty
one month post

My eyelids feel dry along the scar, but the scar isn’t visible when my eyes are open or when I’ve applied makeup. The scar tissue is healing extremely well – it’s barely noticeable. I continue to massage Vitamin E cream to help with the healing.


I am so pleased with the outcome. The entire process, from the procedure to recovery, was incredibly quick and easy. Not once did I feel pain or discomfort.

In terms of my vision, I don’t feel the need to elevate my eyebrows to see, and I look brighter and more awake. The scar is minimal and will continue to get better with time. The procedure has truly changed my life. I am beyond grateful to Dr Benjamin Burt and his incredible team. He is a genius and a master at his craft. [A]A

After blepharoplasty by Dr Benjamin Burt