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You may be wondering. Just like how there’s no absolute “best” cuisine when it comes to food, there is no single best toy to use. It all comes down to taste and preference!

In this article, we share some tips for beginners to choose their first sex toy based on the pleasure zones they want to stimulate.

How to choose your first sex toy

The first step to choosing a sex toy is figuring out which part you want to pleasure. When masturbating, do you like to apply pressure to the clitoris, or do you prefer penetration?

For people with vulvas, a key consideration is something that can be inserted, while for people with penises, a toy with a sleeve or sheath might be ideal. If nipple stimulation is your thing, consider toys that do that!

Which sex toys work best for each pleasure zone?

1. Internal Stimulation

For people who enjoy penetration and G-spot stimulation, go for products that are longer and cylindrical in shape, such as or .

2. External Stimulation

Did you know that 75% of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm? That is where external stimulators such as come in! These are perfect for people who want to stimulate areas around the clit and labia during me-time, and can also be used for additional help during sex.

External stimulators tend to be wider in shape to cover more surface area. Recently, there has also been a rise in toys that mimic oral sex using suction and pulsing waves around the clit, taking it up a notch from the usual vibrations!

3. Combination

For the best of both worlds, go for combination vibrators that give you double the pleasure! Offering both internal and external stimulation, they look like and are colloquially known as “” in the world of vibrators.

The combination could also refer to toys that please both female and male partners at the same time. These could come in the form of (to enhance erections) that come with areas for insertion (to stimulate the clitoral glans), so that your couple play is that much better.

4. Anal

Here’s one for the gents who enjoy !

While similarly used for penetration, anal toys are different from internal stimulation toys because there is a base to ensure they do not get lost or stuck.

5. Penis-focused

For those with a penis who struggle with arousal or want additional stimulation during sex or masturbation, insert yourself into or shafts to enhance your experience.

Lastly, trying a new sex toy is like learning how to drive a car – it takes time. If your first experience with your new toy is not as satisfactory as you imagined it to be, don’t despair. Even the most seasoned of us all require some experimentation before nailing it! As the king of Scotland once famously quipped – “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try and try again.”


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