Why use sex toys, how does it help?

You have made the important decision to dive deep into the complex world of wonderful sex toys.You may ask yourself several important questions:

“What in the thrilling world of wonders should I do next? What type of toys will suit me best?”  “Should i even be using it or not?” — You will find some of these answers in this Section.

Why use sex toys, how does it help?

Do you feel the need to relief your personal anxiety?

If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. Proven to be one of the best ways to alleviate personal anxieties in the most discreet manner. We all know what kind of environment we live in, where stress finds you in every corner of your life, be it work, studies, people to people relationship and your society

How Sex Toys Can Improve Your Marriage?

Making love and having playtime in the bedroom started playing a distant for couples when children comes into our lives, and struggling to get at least 4 hrs of sleep a night. It’s important to realize that a happy marriage and a happy sexual relationship go hand in hand. If you can find that spark again in the bedroom then you’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll see in your daily routine. One night of hot loving will spill over to the next day; you’ll find yourself touching each other more, laughing more, and be more willing to overlook the tiny faults in your spouse.

So, how can you reach this state of marital bliss? Well, many couples find that using sex toys is a great way to start having more fun in the bedroom.

A way to fulfill your desires and answering your inner voice

Many people find themselves requiring immediate sexual gratification, but have been unable to find a way of meeting their demand. Here we have presented another solution to provide a safe and ethical approach to personal pleasures

Sex improves your health

This is a well known secret – sex is good for you! It may lengthen your life, boost your heart health and immune system, reduce pain and stress and improve your sleep. Sex toys simply amplfies it and brings out your sexuality. No doubt on this!

..and also scientific research proves that vibrators are good for your vocal health!

What is an Egg or Bullet vibrator? How to use?

The Egg or the Bullet vibrator is an entry level toy, it can also be favourite choice of advance users especially if they are looking for external or clitoral tiltilation – which surprisingly most women need to climax. This will be your best bet. Most of them comes with multi-speed control that can be used for solo stimulation or with a partner since they fit between the 2 of you. “hands-free” model with a wireless remote are often the most popular choice, they are held in place with a strap that resembles a panty. Below are some steps on how you can get start with the bullet vibrator.

Step 1: When you are first starting out, why not lay in bed and see how the vibration feels on your inner arm or the back of your knees where the skin is super soft.

Step 3: Roll it up to your nipples and see how it feels on each nipple

Step 4: When you are good and ready, slide it down to your lower tummy and your inner thighs. This is sort of like foreplay for yourself. (Your partner is also welcome to join in the fun. Let him or her test it out on the various areas of your body, too, to see which ones respond and which ones do not.

Step 5: Then, when you are good and ready, test it gently on your labia (outer lips). Turn it on low and gently slide it all over your inner thighs and your lips. You will likely feel the blood flowing to your clitoris now (if not sooner) and you may be ready to test out the vibe on your clitoris, but keep it low for now 🙂

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Adult toys comes in many designs how should i choose?

The process of choosing the ideal beginner’s sex toy starts with the admission that women do have different stimulation preferences, which is precisely why sex toy manufacturers create a variety of adult toys targetted to ignite the senses at the various soft spots.

Tip 1: Our advice is to always start small and inexpensive. There is always time to graduate to the bigger guns. If you are buying your first sex toy then I believe under $50 is a good rule of thumb and there are tons of toys in that price range. As mentioned above, in the Bullet or Egg section, these toys will be excellent for couple play and for women who have never had an orgasm or a sex toy before

Tip 2: Toys for clitoris stimulation are often the best choice for females, most of us are going to need something to happen to our clitoris to have an orgasm. Surely, some women can have vaginal orgasms, anal orgasms, nipple orgasms, g-spot orgasms, etc etc.  But, the majority of us are going to have from the clit. Here’s a wide selection of vibrators for this purpose

Tip 3: When you eventually graduate to the next level, satisfy your sexual desires by picking a G-spot vibrator. These are insertable dildos with a slight curvature on its tip for reaching out to your G-spot. Here you can have a preference of the classical smooth bodied ones or ribbed and wavy ones. Choose from a wide range of designs and functions – Vibrating ones or Rotation + Vibration Multifunction Combo-  we have it all here!

 Tip 4: Communication – This is very important aspect. You ask what your partner is comfortable with, the size, the texture of the toys. This will ensure you don’t go wrong!