Cosmetic doctors recommend different skin types should use different skin care methods and beauty devices

How do we choose the right one that works well with so many skincare devices? So much so that it can be difficult to find the product that really works for you from the sheer beauty and skincare product hype. So we asked several aestheticians about the best options for many skin issues, including acne, wrinkles, dull skin, and moisturizing. Whether you are already happy with your skin and just want a procedure with personalization to keep it looking beautiful, or you have some goals you want to achieve, the aesthetic doctors we spoke to shared the best aesthetic technology, RF Facial Beauty, to get a deeper movement of the skin, allowing the subcutaneous layer of about 3mm to move the skin back through passive movement for the purpose of eliminating wrinkles EMS is a microcurrent technology that cleanses from the outer layer of the skin by simulating manual massage with microcurrent, and has both export and import functions. Using the cleansing cream, you can export the waste from the pores to the surface of the skin, and using the serum, you can import the nutrients into the skin so that the cells can fully absorb them. If you are pregnant or have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before use.

For acne beauty instrument

Facial hot and cold beauty instrument

The use of heat and cooling technology with red and blue LED lights can remove acne waste and sterilize the skin for acne. The gentle heat application opens the pores and introduces the bacteria that grows. The cooling function calms and sterilizes the skin and eliminates bean marks and scars left by acne.

Wrinkle Reduction Beauty Instrument

RF Lifting and Firming Instrument

RF Skin Lifting and Firming Instrument - Instant baby-like skin

RF drives skin movement to effectively reduce and eliminate wrinkles. RF allows the skin to move at high speed locally to produce a temperature of 40-45 degrees and helps harmful toxins to be removed from the body. In the body display can always check the skin temperature, and there is a safety protection to prevent the temperature is too high and burn the skin. It makes it possible to get rid of wrinkles at a glance.

All-in-one beauty device

EMS beauty

This product can be suitable for different skin types to use, this high-tech product combines RF radio frequency technology, EMS technology, ion technology and so on with one, can be used for different purposes to choose different functions, full-featured beauty instrument is also used in several beauty salons, can be for different ages of people for physical skin care.