Health Summer Foods Boasting Big Beauty Benefits

What we eat impacts way more than our waistlines and energy levels. It can have a dramatic impact on the health and look of our skin, hair and even nails. While the focus is often on what we shouldn’t eat, focusing on what we should nourish our bodies with can be a more effective tactic.
Most of us have room in our diets for Oreos and french fries every so often as long as they are balanced out by good-for-you foods. But what exactly are those good-for-you foods? There are lots! Especially come summer when there are plenty of vibrant and colorful foods that are absolutely delicious. While some of these foods are only in their prime during the warmer months, others are available all year long but have benefits that are particularly important this time of year, like counteracting sun damage.
We turned to leading health experts to ask them to share their favorite summer foods that offer serious beauty benefits.


“These are high in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant known to counteract the effects of sun damage. Strawberries contain 163 percent of the daily value per cup. Blackberries contain anthocyanin, which helps protect our skin from fine lines and dryness. And blueberries are rich in fiber and vitamin A making for a healthy, glowing snack.” -Dr. Alexis Parcells, board certified plastic surgeon and founder of SUNNIE


“Avocados contain high concentrations of vitamin D, E, copper and iron, which all help your skin glow. In addition to being eaten, you can apply topically as a moisturizer in a face mask or on your hair for instant shine.” -Dr. Alexis Parcells


“This vegetable is high in manganese, a mineral that helps fight skin damage and produce collagen, which increases skin elasticity and helps fight off rashes from the sun and extreme heat. What’s more, it’s high in vitamin A derivatives (they contain retinal) that are related to retinol and can help slow the aging process.” -Dr. Alexis Parcells


“Tomatoes are rich in lycopene and beta-carotene, which help protect the skin from sun damage as well as air pollution that contributes to dark spots, lines, dryness and skin roughness. One cup delivers almost half of the daily value.” -Dr. Alexis Parcells

Coconut Oil

“This oil is known to hydrate and rebuild our connective tissues. It can be beneficial as a cooking aid (think stir-fry!) or applied on top of your skin as part of your skin care routine. For best results, use extra virgin coconut oil.” -Dr. Alexis Parcells